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Exit to lobby needs a prompt to avoid losing Shadowplay Highlights

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To be clear, the Shadowplay Highlights feature works for me.  Clips are captured and they are saved when I have the opportunity to save them.

Within the last patch or two, I've had a problem viewing the highlight gallery/save screen.  As I exit to lobby, the highlights screen pops up and sometimes immediately disappears as it goes to lobby.  I tried to sit longer on the death/chicken dinner screen before exiting to make sure the last clip saves completely to avoid race conditions.  I click the "Exit to lobby" button and while transitioning to the lobby, the highlight gallery/save screen usually pops up but then immediately disappears "half" of the time.

If I am exiting the death/chicken dinner screen too early, I would appreciate a prompt to help me keep from doing so.  An alternative might be to have a button on the exit screen or lobby screen to view the highlights.

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