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Test Server Information, Feedback & Bug Reporting

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Hi players,


What is the test server?
The test server is where new patches are deployed, before they arrive in the live version of the game. All major patches will arrive on the test server first and after being tested and receiving player feedback, will be pushed to the live servers.


What is the purpose of the test server?
The test server is used to test new major patches on a large scale, after internal tests, to make sure that the new patch doesn't have any major problems or issues for users before releasing it to everyone, via our live servers.


How do I play on the test server to try the new patch?
The test server requires a new client, which can be downloaded from Steam.
Open your Steam games library and you will find "PUBG: Test server" which you can download if you own PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. The test client will be available to download at all times, but only available to play prior to some major patches.


Click to Report Test Server Bugs
Click to Give Test Server Feedback

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