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Client desync w/ AFKs: Most AFKs not drowning under water, player count not updated and models appear alive

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I've attached a couple screenshots of a game where ~90% of the AFKs landed underwater and ~90% did not drown. I waited for several minutes past the point where they should have died and verified that the server player count was working correctly for other kills. I.e. the AFKs that appeared underwater on my client must not have actually been underwater on the server.

This suggests that there is an issue in the netcode where player positions for un-moving/still/afk players are not synced properly to other players' clients.

The first screenshot shows 2 of the underwater AFKs drowning correctly, the second taken half a minute later shows their coffins and that the rest of the underwater AFKs have not drowned. As all players start with the same health and take underwater damage at the same rate, if the client view was correct (it is not) then 100% of those underwater AFKs should have been coffins in the 2nd screenshot.

Date Seen:
I've seen this before, but this instance happened at 2017-09-05-2311 PST.

Live Server - Squad FPP EU

Error Message:
N/A, No error message. Client seems to still be in sync with server, can move around, kill feed updates, can still self-drown and die correctly.

Other Information:

Troubleshooting Attempted:
N/A. I believe this is reproducible in any game where AFKs land in water; please correct me if I'm wrong. I've also noticed issues in non-water landings where ragdolls still stay upright after AFK player death *but* at least they sync to be the correct position (i.e. they don't get swapped for the coffin box model but at least the ragdoll can correctly punched, behaves according to physics, etc.)

Launch Options:

System Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 15063)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz
Ram: 32768MB RAM



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I was lucky and managed to get into another game with AFKs dropping over water. This time, I decided to wait it out for the blue zone to make sure. You can see from the slideshow I attach that the "underwater AFK" players only die to the blue not drowning, i.e. they are not underwater on the server side.

I can verify that this is not a client issue specific to my client, as during this game there was another player with a boat who was successfully able to "run over" a few players on the surface. I baited this player into running over the entire swath of ground in the area of the underwater AFKs, and he did not hit any of them. I.e., these players are only on the surface on their client, for everyone else they are underwater.

My next step is to AFK on the next water drop and hope I land underwater to see what it looks like from the AFKer client perspective. Will update if I get one of those games.


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AFK's also take no damage from a car running them over. All they do is get pushed, No matter how many times or how fast you go.

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Actually, you bring up a very good point mimm4o that I've investigated before but which isn't as serious. AFKs do die from cars running them over. What happens is that sometimes (probably due to desync / large numbers of players dying at once), the dead AFK players don't correctly turn into coffin models. I.e. someone else kills them, then you try running over the already dead ragdoll and instead of running it over it "sticks" to the roof of your car. You can actually get out of the car, try punching a ragdoll 10 times or unload a whole clip into it... same thing. Now if you find any AFKs that can't ever be run over, and stick to your car, but then can still be killed without a vehicle--that's something I've never seen yet.

As an aside, even for living players the hitboxes and vehicle hit reg is so horrible in this game atm that it's less than 50-50 for me that I'll run over someone at speed (say 50kph+). And for low speeds (20kph) it's really a crapshoot whether I'll get any kills at all. Which vehicle being used is important too: the hitbox on the motorcycle without side car is so small it's much harder to get a successful roadkill reg on the server vs using the UAZ.

Btw, I've tested the water landings some more and it seems from the "AFK" client perspective it's just a normal water landing. I'm convinced now that (at least in water, maybe on land too) the server-side broadcasting of AFK player positions is messed up in PUBG.

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