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First of all i'm sick and tired to be ignored on the forums, SO DON'T do it this time!

I reported like a half year ago that i have a keyboard problem and it would put on a list of things u guys WOULD fix,

since then i posted my problem again after i found out my problem was'nt fixed! Then u guys ask me to fill out a bug report, i did. AFTER THAT NO RESPONSE FROM ANYONE.

Bellow i'll copy/paste the bug report from weeks ago, that you NEVER responded to. And also i tried some problemsolving tips that you guys suggested, GUESS WHAT......NOTHING HELPS! Sorry for the caps and frustration but you're driving me crazy, i really believe in your game, that it has potential. But for me it's unplayable with this issue i have.

Bug Report: 

Date Seen:
16 august 5.38 pm


Error Message:

Other Information:
It was only for  a minute or so, but the game changed my key bindings automaticly to a qerty keyboard, while i'm using a azerty keyboard i walk around with zqsd, prone w, map m, crouch c. when it changes i have to run forward with w that is on my keyboard on the lower left corner and for example open map with , .

Troubleshooting Attempted:
So far, have tried restarting pc,  update graphics drivers, set page file size.

Launch Options:
shortcut desktop, administrator launch steam

System Specifications:
Operating System: windows 7
Graphics Card: geforce gtx 550 ti
CPU: amd phenom 2 x6 1055t
Ram: 8 GB


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