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Buildings not rendering at all + appearing "smudgy" + stuck on loaind screen forever

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So the game is basically unplayable. have tried reinstalling, seen a ton of youtube videos. which none of the "fixes" have worked. my main problem is getting stuck at the loading screen loading in to a match. sometimes it dosent end at all, and sometimes i glitch in to the player area with the timer and then on to the plane right after. and when im in the loading screen i can hear other player in the timer area, abnd sometimes the plane running. This seem to be a known issue by know. 

And then we have the smudgy building/not rendering problem. i have seen this alot to and people seem to have found fixes that work for them individually sometimes, but apparently not for me, hhhhh. in every ****** match ive played the buildings appaer not rendered. i cannot enter them, if i do i just walk right through and onto grass and my character glithces tf around. its very annoying when everyone else get s loot and i have to wait for the god **** houses to render......


hope someone could help me with this, didnt pay 30 bucks for nothing.......

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