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Cannot swap weapons with Slovak keyboard layout

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I really love Battlegrounds, but there is one bug that really annoys me:
Everytime I try to swap weapons in Battlegrounds using Slovak (SLK) keyboard, it just doesn't work.

I think that the main problem is that English keyboard has those keys:
` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =

and Slovak keyboard has those keys:
+ ľ š č ť ž ý á í é = ´

It's not really a big problem, but it's really annoying to swap keyboards everytime (when I sprint and press ALT to look around my keyboard always swaps between ENG and SLK layout, it's literally 50/50 if I can swap weapons or not :D ) and my friends are even sometimes raging over it :D. If needed I can try to help you with anything (for example sending you stuff about Slovak keyboard).

Best regards,

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Hey, I am also from Slovakia and what I did, is that I changed the keyboard shortcut for swapping between Slovak and English keyboards to grave accent (key above tab). It is not a fix for this, but better than not being able to switch weapons in a gun fight.

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