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VERY important input lag (especially with mouse)

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Hello everybody,

I really love this game but the glitches really try to make me hate it. I know it's an early access game & I love it so i can't stop playing.

But oh god the input lag is massive

I had to record it to be sure. There is a 80ms average and up to 150ms between the click and the shot (image/sound is sync'd so it's not audio lag)

Here's an example screenshot the click on the left, the shot on the right,90+ ms delay


And another one where I flickshot and actually lost because of the delay. With all the details and in game frames.


This is a VERY noticeable lag, that would make any good fps player go nuts. It makes flickshots almost impossible, even the moderately fast ones, and even classic aim when the target goes in the crosshair for a few ms can be completely missed because of it.

I can't just be the only one right? Just take a gun on the island, listen to your mouse, listen to the shot.

I'm playing EU serv and I have a very good internet, I always had sub 10ms latency on every other games and never once this input lag in any other game with the exact same hardware.

I average 80fps or more and play very moderate settings, fullscreen, no v sync (i know because of awful screen tearings). My install of windows is clean and audio interface has an incredibly low latency, but as stated previously, there's no audio delay with the image so it can't be it.

This drives me nuts, Thank you

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Ya, its a bitch.  Turning fast from left to right, sometimes at its worst, it appears to take around 300ms to respond on screen.

Ive been tearing down hardware, windows, drivers, etc trying to find out where its coming from.  

In most shooters, your local client fires the gun and updates the server of your disposition, actions and shot -the server then decides who shot first and where the shots land based on its objective model. 

So, to explain the local input lag, maybe pubg client sends the data to the server which then replies to your client on what happens in its model before your client updates its model and fires the gun on your screen?  -But that would be crazy right?  You'd get all kind of unnecessary lag.  I doubt its that.

Some of my friends have no problem.  So, I'm left wondering if its maybe a problem with my windows 10, ryzen 7, some drivers, etc  but I cant figure it out.

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This and all the other data supporting this is hard to ignore. Does not feel good to see. When i enjoy the game so much. 

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