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Stuck on top of vehicle (UAZ)

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So i'm here to share my 2 cents to this game. I'm not sure if this has been reported, I checked the reported section and I think it is a very unique bug, cause you don't really get on the location I have been without applying some tricks. 


Bug Description:

Stuck on top of a UAZ after jumping on top of it (from a window). Good notice might also be, covered UAZ act like uncovered UAZ (double bug?) See added picture please. 

I've been able to test this several times by crouch-jumping on top of the UAZ vehicle and it happend again. First of you will fall through the roof of a covered UAZ. On the front side (Driver) you'll float. On the back I was able to jump out just fine. Seems like the bug itself is a UAZ you can fall through, but the floating will persist in an uncovered UAZ, this is why I mention both. 

Oh and yes the obvious "Press F" option, didn't work at this time.


Date Seen:

August 1st 2017


Main or Live server. - I only tried getting out which was very frustrating (crouch + jump + prone + jump + etc.). It eventually worked though. 

Other Information:

Created this forum account for this bug xD . I believe one will not experience this so much. Low priority.

Launch Options:


System Specifications:

Attached in pictures (the onboard Intel set was on Display 1, but I use the external card so I added another picture from dxdiag)






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