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Questions :)

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Yo im kinda confused about some things i hope that i can be clarified before i buy the game this thursday.


  • If i buy the Early Access game, and when the supposed 6months in EA ends do i still need to re-buy the game when it's full-release?
  • When we downloaded the CBT would we still to redownload the game when it Releases in EA?
  • Can we expect some kind of Patch Notes every update(i mean i was confused for the Server Maintenance then suddenly 3.9GB update outta nowhere.)
  • Also if ever a Reddit AMA with PlayerUnknown? :>

If ever any of these questions have been answered please link them in the comments/reply section so that i can read it. Im sorry if this wasted your time.

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No once bought you keep the game, even after it's gone gold. 

The CBT is a different version of the game, so the Early Access version will be its own download. 

Usually there are patch notes, most likely available on the forum, and steam.

As for the Reddit AMA I have no clue haha.  

I believe these types of questions thou are supposed to go to this section of the forum :) 

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