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Controller Mapping Issues -

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I could be wrong, but, it seems like the development is being combined if you will, with what is future intended for the consoles. 
Regardless, as it stands right now, there are a few issues that make customizing your controller impossible for different scenarios. 

I use a PS4 controller in my left hand and mouse in right, as I have carpel tunnel and keyboard pressing becomes a chore. 
I use the steam controller settings in big picture to modify the controller. That way I can use things such as a button press for the right trigger. 

As it stands right now, some of the controller setting appear to be baked in to the game, if you will. For example, you can't get rid of the right trigger behavior and map it accordingly. 
I currently have it mapped in steam to a setting but in game, it reverts to whatever the development has it set to. 

This causes problems as I want to use the trigger for throttle, and if you pull up the map while in the vehicle speeding down the road, the map will zoom in. So you have to go off throttle. (I jump to two hand mode only when in vehicle)

The ini file doesn't show the setting, so it appears to be hidden from us. 

It would be nice to allow the controller to be 100% set to what the user likes. Use cases like mine are not as many, but there are plenty of players who do similar with controller in left hand and mouse in right. 

Also, there is a bug in the UI. You cannot map the mouse scroll to any other commands via the UI. You can vie the ini file, which I have done. I have my zoom set to the scroll wheel. 
That being said, in the UI it will then make the next and previous weapons blank. If you manually set those, it will accept it. After you exit the settings and go back in, it will revert to it being blank. 



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