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Crate not obtained

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I have bought pioneer crate 25minutes ago, I bought two at once, the first and the second.
When I opened them, I only received one item, I lost bp when I bought them, now the next one I have to buy is the third at 2800.

I don't know if I didn't get the second crate or if the second crate did not loot anything.
I couldn't find if it was a knows bug and if I have to buy and open instead of buying several crates.

Anyway, hope this can help to solve the problem.

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I had a similar issue to this, I bought 2 crates last night (700 and 1,400). I bought the 700 went to rewards and opened it, I then bought my second back to rewards and opened it. I didn't get any item not even a duplicate as everything is x1 and my duplicate white cap was fro ma previous crate and currently on the market place anyway.

I can't see any bug with this exact problem being raise. I have seen mention of restarting steam/PUBG or try playing a game which I have done and I still don't have my items. I can't see any mention of not getting anything.

I understand this is not the worst bug and it's still early access, but is it possible i could have my rewards or my BP back? 

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