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BattlEye: Corrupted Data

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Hi, I just bought the game and can't play it. Every time I get in a match I will be randomly kicked-out after a while with BattlEye: Corrupted Data.


Yes, my game installation is a CLEAN installation, I successfully verified all game files through Steam, uninstalled and re-installed multiple times (including on different drives), re-installed BattlEye, checked my windows and graphic drivers version, firewall, anti-virus etc.


I even tried to install and run the game on another NEW PC in another place (so an other internet connection and hardware).


But NOTHING is working. I always get kicked-out after a short amount of time.


What is happening?!? How can this anti-cheat implementation be SO bad that it kicks out legit players without any proper explanation??


Come on devs, what is that??


And the support seems so clueless ("re-install your game", "validate your game files through Steam", "restart your pc," "re-install windows")... COME ON GUYS, when there is a small spider in your bedroom, do you have to burn down the WHOLE HOUSE because of just a small spider? Seriously? Do I have to re-install my full windows just because there is this PUBG/BattlEye bug?! That anyway, won't fix anything as I already tried from another PC and got kicked-out still.


Any advice anyone please? I just bought this game and can't play, it really looks like I'm screwed...






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