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Version 12.0.0 is live

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Version 12.0.0 is live:


New Data:

  • Lifetime stats for a single game mode can be requested in batches for up to 10 players using the new /seasons/lifetime/gameMode/{gameMode}/players endpoint.

Data Changes:

  • LogPlayerKill.Assistant, LogPlayerKill.Killer, and LogPlayerPosition.Vehicle will be set to null instead of an empty object.


  • participant.attributes.stats.killPoints
  • participant.attributes.stats.killPointsDelta
  • participant.attributes.stats.lastKillPoints
  • participant.attributes.stats.lastWinPoints
  • participant.attributes.stats.mostDamage
  • participant.attributes.stats.rankPoints
  • participant.attributes.stats.winPoints
  • participant.attributes.stats.winPointsDelta

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