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Missing key bindings in settings

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Just ran into this problem - game froze, when I restarted it, it changed the language to German and I couldnt move my character anymore. I went to check the settings and the bindings for movement are simply missing, which means I cant bind movement keys. I tried numerous stuff, rolled my Windows back, reinstalled the game, deleted .ini files and nothing worked. Game is unplayable.

First four bindings should be:


Move forward

Move backward

Strafe left

Strafe right


These are missing. Everything else is normal.

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Posted (edited)

Completely uninstall the game. Remove all files and folders. This includes the appdata folders/files under users...local ...tslgame.

Clear all registry entries for the game. Do make a registry backup before fiddling.

Restart PC and reinstall the game.


Verify file integrity via steam game properties.


Something is corrupting your installation. This could be a single fragmented file left behind to a bad registry entry.

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