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We are a friendly community of Battle Royale game enthusiasts who like to squad up daily for Chicken Dinners on PUBG, Apex Legends and ROE. (We also play other games)
This is a group to meet players, form squads and make new friendships.


Battlebuds - https://discord.gg/CX3pTHQ


- RULES - 

1. Be Kind to other players.
(There is a difference between Banter and Bullying)
2. Don't Spam.
3. Be Active.
4. Do Not Advertise other Discord Servers
(Do not try to message our members privately about joining your server, they will report you to mods and you will be swiftly removed.)
5. If something happens that you don’t like, either deal with it there and then or report it to a mod privately.
(Do not bring drama to public chat because you will be also punished for stirring up drama.)
6. Streaming is welcome so long as you are an active member of the server.
(for more than a week at least).
FYI - Anything NSFW will probably be a no warning ban.
If we notice that you have not engaged with the group at all over x number of months since joining, you will most likely be demoted (pending warning) or removed.

This group was originally formed for PUBG, however, there was a downturn in PUBG popularity before the Vikendi update and we are now actively looking to promote individuals who excel in a variety of positions, whether moderating or promoting, etc.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to join a community or a new place to call home! There is no bias in this server, each member is treated as the next would and we would expect you to treat others as you expect to be treated.
P.S. There is no need to ask if you can play, just hop in a squad, let everyone know you are Locked and Loaded!




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Been a member for more than a year id say now or close to it. I used to play solos all the time and was top 100 rated then and very focused on that objective. I joined this server to relax a bit and have more fun with the game with some cool people while getting Chicken Dinner in Duos and Squads. Got to know a lot of great people and every time I log in I am guaranteed some banter and and a laugh while also playing with good players to get some tasty chicken dinners. 


The group is very active and also very social and welcoming. (Most active in the Afternoon time and evening time). 


100% Recommend

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I've been a member for about a year now. Active community and very open and welcoming to newcomers.

You'll tend to always find someone shortly after asking if anyones online.

Friendly community with good comms in-game. 

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