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Show me your multi kills clips

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Insane, beach finish, 3 cars, ghillie’s, zero cover. I kill every player in the game (the last 5) with one bullet.



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3 hours ago, jjarQue said:


Very nice, I especially like the variety.


3 hours ago, Jacque A Loo said:

Running in to save my entire squad that was bleeding to death after they got jumped by another team, ended up taking three of them out



Hero time!


1 hour ago, zorg00 said:

Kill final team in a Duo match w/300 IQ play: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/zorg00/video/75443765

Smoothest shotgun kills you ever did see: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/zorg00/video/75443852

Triple kill squad wipe w/M24: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/zorg00/video/73500200


Forcing the enemy into killing his team mate was beautiful.

All headshots in the last clip too 👌

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Posted (edited)

This was tonight, couldn't believe how hard they must have potatoed on me.


Disappointed that I missed the beginning of the play. Resulted in a chicken dinner too.



I think they got confused and thought my team mate was from the other squad they were fighting, so I mopped up both squads.



I knew he was around but I didn't expect to land on him.



Hate this place, it's confusing when you hear footsteps.








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Posted (edited)

I have a couple 







And my personal favorite in a 2-man squad



For some reason I can only wipe whole squads if my team is dying/dead. If everyone on my team is alive I would never be able to do half the shit I do and I don't know why

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