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PS4 - Community Milestone Event Winner!

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Hello everyone,


Earlier this year, we announced the PS4 Community Milestone Event to celebrate both the launch of PUBG on PlayStation 4 and the 1 millionth chicken dinner winner. That’s a lot of clucking dinners.


Today we’re excited to share that our 1 millionth chicken dinner winner on PS4 is 'bichi_1511'! 


'Bichi_1511' hails from Japan. “Chicken dinners” for our Japanese players are called “Donkatsu”, a pun flipping “Katsudon” (donburi with pork cutlet) with the word “Katsu” (meaning “to win”). To celebrate our 1 millionth Donkatsu winner, we teamed up with our PUBG Tokyo Office to treat bichi_1511 and his duo partner oji_ichan with plenty of PUBG goodies, and of course, a delicious bowl of Katsudon.


*English and Korean subtitles are available.


A huge congratulations to our grand prize winner! Stay tuned to our forums for more exciting community events and chances to win outside of the game! 


And go try some Katsudon. It’s delicious. 



ども ありがと - Domo Arigatou, 
PUBG Console Team

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