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Google Chrome and in game mouse movement

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How it happens:
Have Google Chrome opened. Alt+tab back into game.
Seems to affect full screen mode, not sure about windowed.
(doesn't happen always, happens 80% of the time)

When M (map) or TAB (item menu) are pressed your mouse movement is... Irregular. 
It's not even different mouse speed. It's changing as you pull it. Makes it challenging to loot items effectively.

Close Google Chrome (for now).

Does it happen with other programs?
I never checked it. I noticed I always have to close Google Chrome to stop the issue. 

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Hello Boodgemeister,


Thank you for the bug report.


Do you happen to have any footage demonstrating this? I've tried to replicate this a few times, and I am having no luck In doing so.


Thanks again for the detailed report.





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