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Player movement tactical issues, and interface

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Something that has seriously made me feel unnerved about this games play is the forced movement of the equipped weapon either placed shooting straight into the air or into the ground. Now, while I understand the decision to make it so that a player cant use space that  would otherwise be filled and creating loopholes, one decision that I feel should be implemented is one that initiates the players movement by limiting them to not move beyond where the can ADS freely in the heat of battle. If anything please at least disable to shot action currently occurring because its simply unpractical to have to leave yourself with lesser than an ammo capacity needed to adjust and re-engage. With the PC version you have a full options menu for map which is absolutely vital because its causing consistent client disconnects on the Xbox due to people being forced to play a map they dislike or aren't interested in for any number of reasons.  In-game it would also be nice to have a diagnostics meter available as there is currently with PC also on the interface side, also it will benefit in providing people with the ability to compensate for what expectations they have in regards to the potential lag from network issues, creates them to be more aware in their approach to situations and potentially make split second decisions that may win their firefight rather than feel frustrated over seeing playback of their death happening from behind cover. Lastly, and though my first stated claim may be the one that I feels most needs addressed, the console has suffered tremendously with audio dating back a few updates now and seems to have gotten worse, I can't pinpoint the cause for certain but unless there were actual changes in sourcing of the sounds or levels something has not transferred as smoothly as it should with updates elsewhere throughout, this extremely irritating and is issue requiring most urgency to fix. I love this game and have played it since its inception on Xbox, and now I've even transitioned to also play on the PC for the first time in my life. Please, this update has taken too long to roll out, and as good as the game is it needs to be better than where its at after the amount of time the development team has had to work on the xbox gaming platform. I look forward to seeing some great changes in the near future!

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