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Reaction Time

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Hi All,

Since today 15-05-2019 I`m unable to make a normal game. All was well yesterday but today i can`t make a kill The Reaction Time is too short for me. Let me paint a picture I`m sitting in a hut behind the door aimed at it and can hear someone walk up to the door open it at that time im pushing the button the enemy come in kills me and got full healht bar. Oke some times it happens  But not the all day long. I have had contact with PUBG Support about this LAG But you get 3 standard solutions and if its not that sorry for you. I really like this game but with these things i wish for BF2 Revive :) back maybe ARMA 3 is better but thats to realistic anyone got some ideas. sorry for bad english.Like to finish with some positive Things that did work for me was to limit the start screen to 60 fps and the game to max. 200fps. and put screen scale to 100 in stead of 103.

Thank you all for reading and giving a s... image.png.d7a651d2b56d7100ab9d1387d523cec8.png

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