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The animations and movement of this game have hold a great level of detail, for being in early access. However after this period, not much have changed to the posing, posture and movement of the characters in this game. The level of detail could be so much more and I feel it is possible to work on this to bring a more solid feel to the game overall.

The main idle animation is okay in the lobby and I do like the standing relaxed animation here. This is not apparent in game whatsoever and I would like to see this as a more chill idle animation in game as well. The whole chicken butt stiff pose in game is horrible. Would love to see more variations here in the idle.


A better idle animation pose in game, make the players feel more personal and diverse from eachother. The main posture was fine for beta or early access stage, not for a finished cool product as of today.


When it comes to in game animations, opening, closing doors, running up stairs or moving, sneaking or snaking. I believe the animations here can be taken to the next level and above.
Some more fluid and responsive movement would do this game good. Many times it is glitchy and stiff movement that throws alot of players off, including myself when it comes to visual feedback in the game today. Visual feedback is key in a game like this and I am convinced that putting more efforts and resources into animation department would do wonders I tell ya! :) 

Emotes should have hand animated as well and not just some limbs, it looks really cheap as of now and need more level of detail to really spice it up!

Fiddling with your charm on your gun or doing some trick animations with different guns in game, could be amazing to see in game as variations or emotes


If the player stands still with a pan on their back, after a while the player character does a smacking the pan on  "dink dink!" to ensure it is there to keep you save through the battles ahead! Would love that!

I truly loved the animations from the days of Tera, and I still do. More personal feel and more fun factor animations could really spice and bring more life into pubg as well. Even tho it is counted as a realistic game and shooter. That should not keep it from being fun, to be able to add some more jokes in there and lighten up the mood for your fellow players. :) 

Thank you so much for reading this feedback on movement and animations.

Best regards


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Sounds like a lot of effort for little return.


I'm sure they're improving the animations all the time but it's got to be on very low priority.

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