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PS4 - Vikendi Stunt Contest Winners

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Hey everyone,


A few months ago, we asked our PS4 community to jump into the wintry, snow-themed map Vikendi and record the best stunt they could pull off. Many of you sent in a variety of impressive feats, from motorcycle flips off a snowy hill to car jumps off of one of the many mountains of Vikendi (we’re surprised no one tried to ride the Dinoland T-Rex).


Today, we’re excited to finally unveil the winners of the Vikendi Stunt Contest and show you what our winners took home by unboxing the grand prize - a custom PUBG PlayStation 4 Pro.



Vikendi Stunt Contest Winners:

  • FoReNziiCz
  • Jblasko93
  • Pattuni    
  • Jachzasper
  • K-LuBB420
  • Geminikanon77
  • LawsLongArm    
  • Summer_PTRD
  • K456456k
  • Killer3lite__808

Thanks to all of our players who entered this contest, and a huge congrats to our grand prize winners! 


Until the next contest - we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

- PUBG Console Team

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