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Problems in FPP.

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Please, message for the developpers of the game, sorry for my English :


I am sad to see nobody playing FPP on ps4 cause for me it's the better PUBG mode, i was playing on Xbox waiting the game on ps4 and at one moment you put on weekend modes on Xbox with only sniper for weapons or by 8 squads or only .45 weapons etc... you could do the same thing here but by putting modes in FPP which  would force people to play it because in my opinion some players did not even see that we could play FPP.


otherwise for the moment you could for example for the fpp mode activate a single card per day for example erangel monday, miramar tuesday, sanhok wednesday, vikendi thursday and so on and you should remove the FPPs modes Solo and Duo, only squads and only NA servers, maybe with this solution we can play in fpp cause for now i try EVERYDAY with my squad to start an FPP game and its impossible there is no game, one day i tried to start a game and i won it cause the game started with nobody i was solo on the plane there is nobody !!! (Watch picture)


Even on Xbox i find FPP games 

So there is my solutions for it i don't know what you'll think about it but please do something!!!!!!


Thank you.


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Estoy de acuerdo contigo, es ridículo entrar y después de 5 minutos te metan en una partida donde solo hay 2 personas... Ridículo de verdad!! Deberían motivar mas a la gente a jugar en primera persona... Saludos!

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