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Plane stops mid flight and everyone thrown out at the end

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A few other people reported this on the discussion forum today.

Here is my experience:


Duo, tpp, NA server. Plane was flying over Vikendi, then stopped, then we couldn’t jump out. We all got tossed out at the end of the map, no parachute option, just arms waving falling animation, and I was network lagged for a minute or so. Then got a shotgun and killed a couple of people. When I tried to reload the shotgun it filled up to zero bullets, then they appeared 20 seconds later. 


Normal gameplay seemed to resume as everyone came up from their network lag sleep, if they were still alive.


Never happened to me before. Was lots of fun and could be an event mode (without the network lag), but it’s probably a bug.


XboxOneX, external SSD, hard wired connection, NAT open. But everyone landed in the same spot so it’s a server issue. My duo partner has an old Xbox and no ssd and same thing happened to him. And to all players.

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