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Shot through door/wall in Gatka- Erangel after recent update

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This has never happened to me before. Notes below including the video. I posted the video and questions in the forums to ask for other people's opinions. Conclusion is being shot through walls on 2nd floor in Gatka about 5 mins after the game has started.


Running XboxOneX with external SSD, hard wired connection to router, NAT open. This game was playing in my region, OC.


I'm in the 3rd building from the SW corner, on the balcony at the back and I hear someone in the house next door. He is basically working through all the buildings.


He comes into the base of my building so I stand just outside the balcony door pointing my gun at the door. He doesn’t appear to have any caution so I’m expecting he’s just going to open the door and step onto my M16.


He comes up the stairs, seems to go into the two rooms up there and then... I’m shot dead by his bison. Door is still closed. He comes through the door without appearing to open it and starts looting me.


Short version:



Longer version:


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