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Free montage of your gameplay to music!

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Calling good players that want to show their stuff!


Yes you've read it correctly, I am offering a free montage of your gameplay. I just love good clips out there and want to practice a bit before I go commercial with montages as a service.

My gameplay sucks too much to really clip good stuff so that's why I am calling on you!


Free? Yes, free. But I do hope you can give a donation. This is open, so no worries about not accepting something less than $1000,- You determine what you give after the product is delivered.

I will deliver the edit to you on youtube for you to share everywhere.

Please send me a maximum of 60 minutes of video via Wetransfer, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, whatever means.

More video takes longer to edit and I do have a dayjob ;-)

The clip edited will be one song long and what's cool is that you get to choose your song if you want! Otherwise you can trust my music taste to make that clip awesome.

This is something that I do in my spare time so don't expect a next day delivery.
We will be in touch and you can let me know if you have preferences.


Let me know,


ps. truly not meant commercially. Just out to experiment and make someones day.

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better if you can get hold of teh replay somehow ? not sure how it works but I remember a streamer ( wtfmoses ? ) who used to analyse peoples play for them on his stream so he got their replays somehow ? maybe you can send the replay file it would be a lot smaller ?


I tried making one from a somewhat epic game ( I don't get lots of kills usually but I do get the odd dinner ) 


This was my first go and I found that not knowing how to make camera paths seemed to be my biggest downfall ;) but this is the way to go for making montage videos, getting all the different angles really makes it bigger somehow.



I think it stores them in 



maybe if you zip that stuff up you can watch teh demos back in your game client ? for example this one 30 min game has 20 MB  of files that if you were to render would probably make over a GB of video.


Anyway hope you enjoy my video.  I might try and learn how the replay system works with camera paths and stuff to make it more polished, the pubg team made their trailers using it.


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