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Can you help me get rid of the items in my Steam Inventory?

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Hello, long story short: your game was purchased on my account without my knowledge via a family member back in December. I've only just found out it today after finally taking holiday leave from work. I'm going to remove the game but I'm not sure if I should do that first because I don't know if it'll get rid of the items in my inventory. It says they cannot be traded. I'd like to ask for them to be permanently deleted if possible. 


"T-shirt (White)"
"T-shirt (GREY)"
"Combat Pants (Khaki)"
"Combat Pants (Brown)"
"Hi-top Trainers"
"Utility Belt"

"Pioneer Shirt"


I came across this thread below and I'm hoping you could help me out @PUBG_RoboDanjal 



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