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Forgotten Hero

Matches endpoint problems

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I'm having trouble accessing some matches via Javascript. I've tried both Ajax and fetch. It appears that some matches can be obtained without issue, but others give a "blocked by CORS Policy" error. So I decided to enter one of these trouble matches into the documentation.pubg.com site itself and it also shows an error: "Code undocumented: TypeError: Failed to fetch." These same matches return a valid response when retrieved with Curl.


Here are my recent matches that return the error (on xbox):










A sample url would be:



I feel like this is some sort of known issue with requesting with Ajax or fetch, because the Pubg stat websites I visit frequently are able to show me these matches, so I imagine they must be using a different approach.

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I've actually found that changing to the steam shard still returns the matches from xbox, and does not give any errors that I am running into with the xbox shard. I can't put my finger on why some xbox shard matches return a proper response, and others return an error.

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