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Version 10.0.0 Is Planned For TBD

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UPDATE: Version 10.0.0 will not be going live March 11, 2019 as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We will make an announcement with additional information as soon as possible.


Version 10.0.0 is planned for March 11, 2019. Leaderboard pages will be reduced from 10 pages to 2 pages.

Data Changes:

  • [PC] The /leaderboards endpoint will return up to 500 lone survivors per page requested.

You will be able to get the current leaderboard data for each game mode with the following URL:


Please be sure to replace `$platform` and `$gameMode` with the appropriate platform and game mode that you would like the leaderboard for. You will need to specify which page of the leaderboard you would like as well.


Page 0 will represent the first 5 in-game pages of the leaderboard and the API will respond with the top 500 lone survivors.

Page 1 will represent pages 6-10 of the in-game leaderboard and the API will respond with lone survivors 501-1000.


As a reminder, the leaderboards are updated every 2 hours.

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