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Matchmaking/Server Selection/OOR/Best Ping??? What is actually happening in game vs routing

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So I live in New Zealand and have for the last few months have been connecting to AS servers KR/JP at 180ms-240ms which is playable at the lower ping but not at the higher ping. And my duo partner at the same building sometimes gets a different ping, usually the opposite of me so if I get 180 he will get 240 and vice versa.


When I posted about this earlier, people suggested checking with my ISP... something that if you knew anything about SPARK NZ you wouldn't even bother typing.


Another suggested using a VPN.


So I tried WTFast... totally useless...


Then I tried NordVPN. Connected to the aussie server... and instantly got SEA at 120ms. Cool I thought, game was as smooth as butter.


So I got my duo partner to install NordVPN and log in and we both played at 120ms, again smooth as.


Then the next 4 games we start getting packet loss and are zorping all over the place.


I mention that NordVPN says if you are connecting more than 1 machine to the same server, you need to use one on UDP and one on TCP which makes it kinda useless so... my team mate says he will try without the VPN.


Because I am still using the VPN and hosting, we both still go to SEA BUT... now he has a 120ms connection with no packet loss and no zorping. I still have around 1% packet loss every now and then and ping around 130ms.


So the observation here is that the route to the SEA server is actually fine via our ISP. It is the GAME that is screwing us up and sending us deliberately to south korea at 180ms-240ms instead of to singapore at 120ms.


The game decides as soon as you start it that it is going to give you a bad experience no matter what.


Can someone please explain the logic behind the games decision to send us to a higher ping server?

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To avoid confusion, routing is essentially the path your packet takes from your machine to the game server. This is completely under the control of your ISP and the underlying internet infrastructure. PUBG has absolutely no control over how the packets from your PC go to the game server.


What happens when you connect to a VPN: your ISP routes your packet up to the VPN gateway. Afterwards the VPN provider takes over and resends the packet and uses it's own connections. That can mean that they have their own internal MPLS line, so for them routing between some countries might be more direct or they have their routing tables sorted better than your ISP. That is the entire premise of "Gaming VPNs". If your ISP is decent at routing then a gaming VPN will not give you any benefit. The point is to give a gateway in your country so your ISP has little difficulties routing to it. After that they use their own internal network to reach a country where you are supposed to connect to and from there on it's their ISP that has to route to the game server.


So a VPN can help in some cases, but with Oceanic there are lot more problems, player base being one of them. If I recall correctly the only real game mode properly available is TPP Squads, but someone from the region would be more suited to comment on that. If you are having troubles using 1 VPN provider you can try using multiple ones. Is the ISP the same for both you and your friend? Are you running on the same internal network? If yes then there might be an issue with buffer bloat or simply the router cannot handle both VPN connections at the same time.

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@HellDuke I think you either read my post wrong or didn't understand it. I know exactly what routing is and don't need your explanation of what a VPN does. I don't care what you think of the OC playerbase. That has nothing to do with my question either. I also don't need multiple VPNs or any VPN as described in my post.


My duo partner is in the same house, connected to the same modem, which by the way is a GT-AC5300 ROG Rapture. Plenty able to handle 8 ports on a gigabit fibre connection.


When we can get the game to send us to SEA by me being connected via VPN and him NOT being connected via VPN - I.E. through our ISP, he gets a better connection to SEA via our ISP. He gets 120ms - I get 130ms and 1% packet loss. The VPN is making the game believe I am in Australia - Meaning aussies get to go to SEA and kiwis get pushed to Korea. WHY?


If we both use our ISP we go directly to AS at 180ms-240ms. The game decides that we go to AS. NOT our ISP. Why does the game send us directly to AS when our ping to SEA is 60% faster?

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