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I`m f*cking tired to be killed behind the cover.

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View from the scope 


View behind my side



View behind enemy side 


You can set any video to 0.5 speed and see:

1) I hide my ass behind the tree

2) Shot

3) ....



It`s not the first time and it`s really pissed me off. Can you finally fix this awful hit registration system?



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It's not a bug and it's not a horrible hit registration system. The exact same issue is present in all FPS games. It's the same in Fortnite, Blackout, Apex Legends to name a few. The only game that really actively does something about it is Battlefield, where they use client-side/server authoritative (instead of just client side) hit detection. That means that if your ping is very high you would need to shoot in advance.


Watch this video to better understand what's going on (the full video is a good introduction to online play and common issues, but I will just give you a timestamp where the possible solution is explained):


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