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A Couple Questions On Game-Play Issues...

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Hello All, 


So, I have a few questions with some issues that come up here and there in a match. I am still somewhat new to the PUBG scene, especially on console, so forgive me if the questions seem ridiculous. So I know that there is difficulties with maintaining and smoothly running a game that runs all across the world hosting matches on tons of servers all over. Here’s what I need to know...

         1. Lagging of player movement in game, how do I know if that is a “client” side issue or a “server” sided issue?

         2. Same goes with a bunch of other things, guns taking a minute to spawn on the ground. Is it my connection, should I direct connect an Ethernet cable from router to ps4, or is it primarily server sided problems and unpatched bugs? 

         3. Lets just say that all issues across the board fall equally on client/server. How Can I fix my side to the best of my abilities? Should I just grab a wifi extender and hardwire the ps4 through that..?

         4. Last question. Anyone else have moments where the sound suddenly becomes some weird type of robotic mating call? My headphones started to have a weird echo/feedback type noise that just got worse and worse till there was nothing, just slight buzzing, than after I just about died, it slowly reversed the process and the odd noises till it was normal again..?? 



I would greatly appreciate some feedback. If there is something I can do to fix some of the issues I am having, myself, I wouldn’t mind hearing about it.  



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Hey mate, welcome aboard :)


I'll try and help with what I know and experience. 


1. I don't really know to answer this really, but I guess if it's on the "server" side you'd feel the lags as well as see other people disappear and reappear in few locations. Client side is easier (if you run and it takes you back to run the same 5 steps few times, you have lags etc.) 

2. I use cable connection, have a decent plus speed and stability (D:80 U:3) and still takes me some time to see items, even buildings at times, but the items not appearing in the first seconds on the ground is constant.

3. I really recommend on every online gaming platform, if you can plug a cable to it - do it. It is much more stable and much faster than wireless anything. Regarding different configurations in the router and PS4, If you don't know what you are doing I simply recommend not to do it. going after guides to change your PS4 or router settings is not always specific to the devices you own and can cause damage which by yourself you probably won't know to fix (if you don't know what you are doing that is)

4. I began reading this one and it changed in the middle. Yeah, I experience sound glitches in-game, sound can die completely or go to seventh hell and blast my skull. What you are describing is quite different, have you tried the headphones on a different controller? or device? do you still experience the same? try elimination process to find the source of it. 


Hope I helped :)

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