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An update from the dev team, Feb. 8

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Hello everyone,


Over the last few weeks, many of our players have been experiencing performance issues on the new map, Vikendi. Specifically, players are experiencing long rendering/loading times or vehicles flying and/or falling through the map. 


We know these issues in particular have been big pain points for the community, and we’re sorry for any frustration caused by them. We’d like to take some time today to explain why these issues are happening and what we’re doing to fix them.




Vikendi is composed of a lot of Static Mesh, and the Material/Textures used are larger than other maps. This means that loading times are naturally longer, which is why we added some optimizations to help reduce the level loading time.


Despite the optimizations, the delay remains due to the sheer amount of textures used on Vikendi.


The game can only load a limited amount of files simultaneously. Items that must be loaded (Level and Texture Loading) go to the Loading Queue, and are loaded one at a time. While Vikendi was optimized for loading, we suspect that the loading wait time is becoming longer because the textures used on Vikendi are larger than other maps, thus forcing large amounts of data in the Loading Queue.


In addition, since Vikendi was designed to have many small villages, the size/position of the Grid became different from the existing maps, causing many borders to overlap. To reduce the size and frequency of the hitches, the grid was divided into smaller sizes which reduced the amount of data and boosted the loading speed. However, if a player covers a long distance too fast, they could incur larger Loading Tasks.


The ground has the highest loading priority, loading faster than the nearest buildings. However, if the player rides a vehicle and crosses borders continuously, more Loading Tasks are created and added to the queue. If other external factors occur, creating a situation where they interfere with the loading, it may cause the large delay players have been experiencing.


Flying/Falling Vehicles


This is caused by the Level of Detail (LOD) 0 not being loaded in the area where the player is positioned (this can technically happen on any map). If LOD 0 is not loaded in due to the delayed queue, the result is situations where vehicles are either flying above or falling below the ground.


Optimizations were made to secure memory for the ground height-field collision and were implemented on the December PTS before being pushed to live in January.


Before this optimization, there was collision data memory for the whole map, so even if loading takes a long time, the player would not fly above or fall below the ground standing on LOD 1. It seems that the flying/falling bug is caused because there is no collision data for LOD 1 after the optimization.

What we’re doing


We’re working on further optimizing the Loading Queue so that building assets will load in faster. We’re also looking into keeping the collision data in the memory from before the optimization mentioned above - but this could have its own downsides so we will need to monitor it closely. 


As we tackle these issues, we’ll continue to provide updates when any progress is made. And of course, we’ll be sure to announce when we’re deploying any patches to help with these issues. We don’t have an exact ETA for fixes to provide as of yet, but we’ll provide another update in the near future. 


As always, thank you for your patience.


PUBG Console Team

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