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nader leyenda

Changing Blood Color to Blue/Green is no longer working

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Hello Folks. I just needed to see if you guys were having the same issue. Changing the settings to Koreon no longer works in terms of changing blood color to blue/Green.

Believe it or not this was actually frustrating for me as it was better for me in terms of seeing whether I'm landing my shots or not.


Do you guys still get the Green blood when you change to Koreon or has this feature been removed from xbox?


This is my first post and so I will post this in the Troubleshooting section as well as the General discussion. Pardon me.

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11 hours ago, BlazedInThe253 said:

just go to option and change your colorblind you  dont need to do that anymore

That's not for the green blood option. The colorbind gives you purple option. Thx though. Green is available only in korean language from the settings

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