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I recently spent the money on the pass on xbox. I also went ahead bought two of the level 50 passes. When I bought them the game kept saying an error has occurred. I was thinking it was on xbox side of things due to the fact xbox live had stopped working for a couple hours on January 30 2018. I kept trying not realizing that every time I tried again I was getting billed for it. This morning 1/31/2019 I received emails and text messages through my bank asking if it was fraud I said no and logged into my live account email. And saw that the it was NOT xbox that was messing up. It was PUBG store that was messing up. After requesting refunds of the extra level 50 passes I talked to xbox about the 2 level 50 passes and they said it had went through on their end and that I need to get into contact with the devs to ensure this issue is fixed. I have a reference number if requested. I need to know if this going to be fixed soon, or should I get a refund for the two I want to keep and wait till a later date to get the level 50 passes.   

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