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After many hours on p0rnhub...I've come to the conclusion as to why PubG fails at being PubG.


You see all these posts devs? About game performance.. yadda yadda? The problem is at the core---the game mechanics.


It's pretty straight forward.   Great game concept--BOOM--Battle Royale!  Nothing could be like it.. but something happened.


They decided to move too fast; constantly looking for the magic update.  What went wrong?  You never had a solid foundation.


With each PubG update, the game mechanics change.  New sensitivities, press X now, A for equipment, parachuting, more added sensitivities.   You clearly never had a solid core worth updating.


You can't expect to update like Fornite..their mechanics were already set.  Look what happened when they added a plane.  It worked but was buggy. Pub is trying to patch something that is unrepairable at this state.  Everything now is smoke and mirrors.  Do this challenge: drive 10k in a buggy because it will distract you from the real problems of the game.


I'm afraid it's too late..but to those wondering why they can't get kills and game feels different.. its because it is.  They constantly are tweaking the mechanics of a broken ass game that was never ready in the first place.  


What sensitivity will be added next? 




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