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Xbox - Vikendi Scavenger Hunt

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Hello Survivors,


This week Vikendi was added to Live Servers, and to celebrate the arrival of winter on Xbox we have prepared a special competition for our community, Vikendi Scavenger Hunt!


Grab a Snowmobile, spend some time seeing the sights, and read the details below for instructions on how to take part. 




Challenge #1~5: 
Start: Jan 26, 2:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM CET
End: Feb 1, 2:00 PM PST / 11:00 PM CET

Challenge #6~10: 
Start: Jan 27, 5:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM PST
End: Feb 3, 5:00 PM CET / 8:00 AM PST

How to participate

  • Check the challenge images at the challenge posts scheduled above. Each one is a small section of a screenshot we have taken on Vikendi. 
  • Find the location where they were taken, and take your own. You must upload the full screenshot of the game at the challenge location. (This includes the map and compass)
  • Submit your screenshot along with your Xbox Gamertag and email address HERE 
  • To take a screenshot, press the Xbox button and press Y
    • When prompted, press and hold the Xbox button to view your screenshot
    • Select "Upload", and then "Upload to Xbox Live"
    • Either log in to your account at https://account.xbox.com OR input your name at https://xboxdvr.com, to find your screenshot.



  • The First player who submits a correct screenshot for any of the challenges will win special PUBG goods, as well as the in-game item.
    • If a player is first to submit a correct screenshot for 2 or more challenges, they will only be eligible for 1 prize, which is of their choosing.
      • The unchosen prize(s) will be given to the second fastest player.
    • Goods will vary on difficulty of challenge and will be revealed along with the challenges.
  • All players who submit a screenshot of the correct location for any of the challenges will win the in-game item.
    • Two in-game rewards are available, one for each set of 5 challenges.
      • Challenges #1~5 (Posted on day 1) will receive Snow Beanie (Pink).
      • Challenges #6~10 (Posted on day 2) will receive Snow Sunglasses.
  • You can only submit one screenshot at a time through the submission form. This means that if you have answers for two challenges, you need to fill out the form twice, once for each screenshot. 



Challenges #1~5: Snow Beanie (Pink)



Challenges #6~10: Snow Sunglasses

Challenge (Example)


 Player screenshot (Example)


PUBG Goods

Erangel Picnic Mat


PUBG Logo Eco-Bag


Winner Winner Chicken Leg Dinner Bag-charm


Winner Winner Chicken Leg Dinner Cushion



PUBG Logo Zip-up Hoodie (L or XL)


PUBG Backpack



Now get ready to hunt!



PUBG Xbox Team

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