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Vyper 55z

Thank god you can swim in this game

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So there I was, separated from my duos partner because I don't understand the parachute anymore, lucky enough to land right near a snowmobile. Haul ass towards my partner, get shot a little, try to cross a bridge but half the bridge was gone, ended up in the lake which was frozen over. Cool. Weird, but I'll keep driving.


Then out of nowhere me and all my shit (read, no shit because I have looted nothing so far) including snowmobile fall through the map:



In case you're wondering if this is an inspirational story, it is not. Eventually I got spit back out topside and rendezvoused with my buddy who was gracious enough to drop a tommy gun with 180 rounds of .45 for me, since I had no gear.


Then came the footsteps.


Then came the 8 rounds of 5.56 to my all over at point blank range from a dude with a g36. I tried to shoot him with the tommy gun but framerate didn't want me to.


And that's when my duo partner decided to delete PUBG from his xbox.


Meanwhile, I'm gonna just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Coincidentally, I need new PUBG buddies. GT: Vyper 55z


Let's lose together.

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