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Version 9.0.0 is planned for January 22, 2019

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Version 9.0.0 is planned for January 22, 2019. You should find that these changes are very similar to the recent changes made to PC for season division.bro.official.pc-01, including season stats being sharded by platform, lifetime stats being added, and a change to the format for seasons. Please also note that with the addition of `LogParachuteLanding`, `LogVehicleLeave` will no longer log parachute landings.


New Data:

  • [PS4, Xbox] Character.isInBlueZone
  • [PS4, Xbox] Character.isInRedZone
  • [PS4, Xbox] Character.zone
  • [PS4, Xbox] GameResult
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogHeal
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogItemPickupFromCarePackage
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogItemPickupFromLootbox
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogMatchDefinition.SeasonState
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogObjectDestroy
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogParachuteLanding
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerAttack.fireWeaponStackCount
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerKill.assistant
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerKill.damageCauserAdditionalInfo
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerKill.dBNOId
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerKill.victimGameResult
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerMakeGroggy.damageCauserAdditionalInfo
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerMakeGroggy.damageReason
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogPlayerRevive.dBNOId
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogRedZoneEnded
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogSwimEnd.maxSwimDepthOfWater
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogVaultStart
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogVehicleLeave.maxSpeed
  • [PS4, Xbox] LogWeaponFireCount
  • [PS4, Xbox] Stats
  • [PS4, Xbox] match.attributes.seasonState
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.bestRankPoint
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.dailyWins
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.rankPoints
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.swimDistance
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.weeklyWins
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.rankPointsTitle
  • [PS4] Lifetime Stats as of division.bro.official.playstation-01 are available per gameMode by using "lifetime" as the seasonId at the /players/{accountId}/seasons/{seasonId} endpoint.
  • [Xbox] Lifetime Stats as of division.bro.official.xbox-01 are available per gameMode by using "lifetime" as the seasonId at the /players/{accountId}/seasons/{seasonId} endpoint.


Data Changes:

  • [PS4, Xbox] Season stats from Jan 22,2019 onwards will be global and sharded by platform. PS4 and Xbox data prior to Jan 22,2019 will still only be accessible using the old URL format.
  • [PS4] PS4 seasons after division.bro.official.2018-09 will be in the format division.bro.official.playstation-{Season number} rather than division.bro.official.{Year-Month}. The first season after division.bro.official.2018-09 is division.bro.official.playstation-01.
  • [Xbox] Xbox seasons after division.bro.official.2018-08 will be in the format division.bro.official.xbox-{Season number} rather than division.bro.official.{Year-Month}. The first season after division.bro.official.2018-089 is division.bro.official.xbox-01.



  • [PS4, Xbox] participant.attributes.stats.killPoints
  • [PS4, Xbox] participant.attributes.stats.killPointsDelta
  • [PS4, Xbox] participant.attributes.stats.winPoints
  • [PS4, Xbox] participant.attributes.stats.winPointsDelta
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.killPoints
  • [PS4, Xbox] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.winPoints

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