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1 hour ago, Dead Muppet said:

I afraid I dont, you smoked us with an M249 while In transit on Erangel.  Literally told my squad partner stay away from the crate...haha

Awesome if I got both you out of a car I may have the clip i will have to look 


lets hit some games man

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I don’t have the clip yet, but I was in a two story and I knew there was a guy in the other building.  Circle closing and he would have to move. I assumed he’d try to come through my building.  I throw a Molotov cocktail down the stairs.  Then I throw a smoke.  Then I hear him leave the other building and head toward mine.  I think the smoke covered the Molotov because a few seconds later I get the kill.  He must have walked through the smoke and got burned!

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