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A couple of improvement suggestions

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I have really been loving this game since launch. There are a few things , over that time, i've seen id like to give some suggestions on for improvements :


- Tap square to reload ( i dont think ive ever played a shooter that made you hold it down like this, its just not nessacary)

- Allow us to customize color of circle and the dotted line that points to it .

- If a teammate marks a spot, let it show me in the real world exactly where he marked ( not just on map) .So if he marks a particular building, i know for sure which one it is.

- A better training ground : Where we can pick up any weapons, but are actually using them shooting other players . Maybe a map size of 2 x 2 .Just give us alittle space to actually try to hit moving targets the actual size of player models along with how people actually move in this game. This would give us better feedback on what settings we need to change to tune our settings faster. You die you simply respawn and try again. Cutting out the wait times in between real matches( the only way to really test this stuff out right now properly )

- Add FPP to Duos and Sqauds

- Give a crate of some sort , that is gauranteed to not be a dup of anything you have, for every match you win.

- Add option after you die , instead of going back to lobby ,  have another option that says " Play again, hit Triangle" . If in Duos or Sqauds ,let each person in the group select their choice before moving everyone. This would just cut down on time waiting reloading to lobby , then waiting to find a match , then loading into waiting area again. Just let us pick it from the last match where we died. So we can just go striaght into a new waiting area for the match to start. This would speed things up for everyone .

- Add replay mode with a video editor so we can capture all these awesome moments we have and make some nice videos of them . Ive seen people from pc do it, it would be good if we could too. This also provides free plubicity /advertising for your company by people using this tool ( that many games now in days have) and them posting it all over social media. Lets all work togehter here to make this better for everyone .


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