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Version 7.8.0 Update

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I apologize for the lack of notice, but we will no longer be adding LogMatchEnd.gameResultOnFinished to the API. The changelog and documentation has been updated with its removal. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. You will still be able to use LogPlayerKill.victimGameResult which has the same information.




Version 7.8.0 is planned for December 19, 2018 and includes a large amount of new data for PC.

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed an issue where roster.attributes.won was sometimes false for the winning team.

New Data:

  • [PC] playerSeason.attributes.gameModeStats.{gameMode}.rankPointsTitle
  • [PC] GameResult
  • [PC] PlayTimeRecord
  • [PC] RewardDetail
  • [PC] Stats
  • [PC] LogHeal
  • [PC] LogItemPickupFromCarePackage
  • [PC] LogItemPickupFromLootbox
  • [PC] LogObjectDestroy
  • [PC] LogParachuteLanding
  • [PC] LogRedZoneEnded
  • [PC] LogVaultStart
  • [PC] LogWeaponFireCount
  • [PC] Character.isInBlueZone
  • [PC] Character.isInRedZone
  • [PC] Character.zone
  • [PC] LogMatchEnd.rewardDetail
  • [PC] LogSwimEnd.maxSwimDepthOfWater
  • [PC] LogPlayerKill.assistant
  • [PC] LogPlayerKill.damageCauserAdditionalInfo
  • [PC] LogPlayerKill.dBNOId
  • [PC] LogPlayerKill.victimGameResult
  • [PC] LogPlayerMakeGroggy.damageCauserAdditionalInfo
  • [PC] LogPlayerMakeGroggy.damageReason
  • [PC] LogPlayerRevive.dBNOId
  • [PC] LogVehicleLeave.maxSpeed


Additional information regarding the new data can be found in the documentation:

Telemetry Events

Telemetry Objects


The list of possible values for Character.zone can be found here.


Additional Information Regarding the Title System:

"rankPointsTitle" will be in the form "title(int)-level(int)". For example, Beginner at Level 2 would be shown as "1-2".


The "Lone Survivor" title is for players in the top 1000 of the leaderboard. Their "rankPointsTitle" will be shown as "7-0", the same as the "Survivor" title. You will need to check the leaderboards endpoint to determine if a "Survivor" is a "Lone Survivor". The leaderboards will be updated every 2 hours. "Lone Survivor" players who do not play a match for one week will be removed from the leaderboard.


The list of titles and levels can be found here.

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