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VOTE NOW! Opening a FPP mode - NA

FPP Mode - NA  

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Hey everyone,


As many of you may know, we have not yet opened every queue that is available, including FPP. This is because we have been prioritizing fast matchmaking and queue times for everyone and are only opening queues as the online population increases to ensure that our players are not waiting too long for a match. 


However, due to the high interest in FPP from the community, we would like to start out by opening one FPP mode for the NA and EU regions. For this, we would like to gauge interest and request those who want to play FPP to vote in our poll to see which mode is most preferred (Solo, Duo, or Squads). 


Voting will take place from now until December 21 12:00pm PST, with the plan to open the FPP mode of choice for the NA and EU region on December 27. 


Please note that we will be monitoring the impact on matchmaking and player base numbers, and may choose to close the mode if there are not enough players to sustain the FPP mode.


Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to opening FPP very soon!







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