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I'm looking for 2 possible recruits to start a perm squad of ps4. I played on xbox prior so console is all I know. I play aggressive, kills and top tens are my PRIORITY. I love getting the dinner too. I'm looking for players that know the game well. I'm not talking pubg mobile, its filled with AI bots that dont even shoot at you. I have almost a 4.0 kd on ps4 almost a 3.0 on xbox. I have 20 wins on ps4 but over 200 on xbox. I need like minded individuals. Your gun game has to be on point. I'm pulling over 5 kills a game and on those extraordinary games I'm pulling over ten every time. Game best is 15 kills in squads. Duo and solos both at 10. Not that that matters but it says something. If you fit the requirements message me your psn and xbox live accounts so we can link up. I will be checking statistical info from both both accounts. Need to make sure it's legit. Oh and we do play tourney on the weekends try to find pay to play games to earn some quick cash, this is played through pay pal. So if you think your good enough for that, that is a bonus in my opinion. Synergistics- is my psn and iCrowbar Jones is my xbox live.

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