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Xbox Event Mode: Silent and Violent [Dec 13-16]

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This week’s event mode is a VSS themed event. Welcome to Silent and Violent.


In Silent and Violent, all players spawn with a fully loaded out VSS, along with Lvl 1 helmet and vest. Eliminate as many enemies as possible in this squad-based War Mode event!


Full event details below.


STARTS: Dec 13, 6pm PST / Dec 14 3am CET
ENDS: Dec 17, 0am PST / Dec 17 9am CET



  • 4-man squads on Sanhok 
  • OC/SA: TPP only
  • Please note that getting into the Event Mode lobby as a party may cause your team to disband or crash when the match is made. Instead, invite your friends to play once you’re in the Event Mode lobby.



  • War Mode
  • All players spawn with a fully modified VSS, along with Lvl 1 helmet and vest.
  • Players are also given 5 bandages, 1 energy drink, 1 stun grenade and 1 smoke grenade.
  • Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 15 seconds
  • Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points, while knocking out an enemy earns your team 1 point.
  • If no team reaches 150 points after 15 minutes, the team with the most point wins.



  • 4-person squads only (maximum 40 players)
  • Weather is Overcast
  • Red zones are disabled
  • Care packages are disabled
  • Killer Spectating is enabled
  • Friendly fire is disabled
  • No vehicles respawns
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