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PS4 - Update on plans for opening modes

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Hello everyone,


We’d like to guide our users on how modes (such as FPP-Solo, TPP-Duo, etc.) will be managed in more detail.


Our plan of opening each mode is as follows:
Solo TPP → Squad TPP → Duo TPP → Solo FPP → Squad FPP → Duo FPP


We’ll be changing how the modes will be opened and closed. Modes were to be opened and stay opened. Now, the modes will open and close dynamically depending on the current user base for a smooth matchmaking. 


Opening each modes will depend on the current user base. We’ll open new modes if there are enough players to open a mode without affecting matchmaking of currently opened ones. 

For example: Solo-TPP and Squad-TPP is available right now, the next mode to follow is Duo-TPP. Duo-TPP will be available when there are enough users for healthy matchmaking for Solo-TPP, Squad-TPP and Duo-TPP.


The closing of a  mode will depend on the time it takes to get into a match. When the average time of getting into a match for a certain mode exceeds 10 minutes, the corresponding mode shall become unavailable until the next opportunity of it becoming available, as stated above.



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