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PS4 - Battle Royale Guide

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Not just a game. This is Battle Royale.


But what is Battle Royale? 


Before you jump into PUBG this week, here is a quick guide reviewing all of the basics that you’ll need to know to succeed. 


PUBG is a battle royale shooter where you compete against 99 other players in a fight for survival. The goal? Be the last man standing.


You’ll parachute into a map either solo, as a duo, or in a squad depending on your preference. There are three different maps available to play - the grasslands of Erangel, the deserts of Miramar, and the jungles of Sanhok.


As you parachute your way onto the map, be aware of your surroundings and where other enemies are dropping. Head to the nearest shelter to look for weapons, protective gear like helmets and vests, plus other valuable items like med kits, grenades, ammo, and more.


Pay close attention to the “circle” on the map - once this circle closes in, you will start to take damage if you are not safely inside of it. The circle is dynamic and will move to another spot on the map as the match progresses, and each circle increases the damage received outside of it. Use everything to your advantage - if you need to make a quick getaway from an enemy or need to get to the next circle stat, get inside a vehicle to do so. Whatever you do, don’t get caught in the blue zone!


Strategies differ from map to map and for each unique situation. When you start out, you may find yourself playing the survival game - avoiding enemies and gun fights to hide silently in the shadows. After all, this is a game of survival… you must do what it takes. As you become more confident in your overall skills in gun mechanics and map knowledge, you can hot drop into more popular locations to grab a weapon and start taking out enemies ASAP. 


Regardless of what you decide to do, the Training Mode is a great place to start out to familiarize yourself with weapons, vehicles, parachuting, and more. We highly recommend jumping into Training Mode before going into your first match. 


When you feel ready, the best type of practice is of course in the real environment itself. Your first several matches may not go perfectly, but try to learn from these situations and mistakes Don’t go in expecting to win every game, but rather set goals for yourself to improve each time and one day you may achieve the elusive Chicken Dinner!



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