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Xbox Community Weekly Post - November Week 5

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Hey everyone,


Welcome back to another community post. We have an update on how the community posts will work from now on, as well as provide some info on the next update for Xbox.


Bi-Weekly Community Posts


When we started community posts back in Game Preview, we had frequent information to share about updates and future content. Now that we’re past the launch phase, we’ve been focusing more on stability and performance, making a weekly post a little too frequent to still be full of content. These bi-weekly posts will be more development based and give insight on current issues, how we plan to tackle them, what’s been done so far, and ETAs for fixes.


There will be more detailed information, and we’ll try to insert graphs/images to give everyone better insight on each issue. With more detail, we’ll definitely continue to include our community on the development of PUBG.


Future Content


If you’re curious about what kind of content will be released in December and January, please read our November Week 3 community post here.


Graphical Settings Options


In our November Week 2 community post, we briefly went over what you can expect with the graphical settings options that the team is currently developing. We are finalizing a few changes, and plan to share these updates next week.


In our next PTS update which is tentatively sometime next week pending QA and certification, players will have a chance to test this out and provide feedback.


We will be providing more information and patch notes soon, so be on the lookout on our official channels. 


PUBG Xbox Team

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