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S12K iron sight is misaligned

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Bug Description:
The S12K's iron sight is misaligned. The pellets hit higher than where the sight is aiming. In the attached screenshot you can see the difference. I centered my aim on the bottom line. The red dot and hip fire are on the right, the iron sight is on the left. You can see the iron sight is hitting too high.

Date Seen:

Test Server
Troubleshooting Attempted:
Swapped between hip firing, iron sight, and red dot. Hip fire and red dot are properly aligned. Iron sight is not.

Other Information:

Launch Options:

System Specifications:
Operating System: Windows 7 x64
Graphics Card: GTX 1080
CPU: Xeon X5690
Ram: 24GB


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Hello MrHappyPenguin,


Thank you for the bug report.


Just to get a better understanding of this report, do you mind providing gameplay footage demonstrating this?



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