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Xbox Community Weekly Post - November Week 3

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Hey everyone,


Happy Friday! In today’s weekly post, we’ll be going our recently released hotfix, PUBG on Xbox Game Pass, the new Supply System, and what you can expect in our next update. 


Hotfix and Login Event


We deployed a hotfix yesterday that included a potential fix to reduce instances of desync, as well as an option to enable a forward movement deadzone. Feel free to review the full patch notes here, and let us know your thoughts on these fixes.


The login event has also begun, so be sure to log into the game before November 22 2:00AM PST / 11:00AM CET to receive your 20,000 BP and Punk Jacket!


Future Updates


For the month of November, we had two updates planned. This plan has now changed, and we are now targeting mid-December for our next update. We are testing upcoming content internally and want to make sure that new content and features are stable as they are released. 


You can expect the following in our December update:

  • Graphical settings options
  • FPP FOV slider
  • Skorpion


Tentative January Update:

  • Region Renewal 
    • Server/region is decided automatically depending on the player’s local region. If you group with a player from another region, matchmaking will automatically decide the best region to play on
    • This is delayed due to many issues with the system. The team is currently fixing issues and testing performance before it releases
    • We want to ensure that our players are happy with this new way of matchmaking, so we are taking extra caution and care on this feature so that there are no regions that are negatively impacted after its implementation
  • Rank System


Xbox Game Pass


In case you missed the news, PUBG is now available on the Xbox Game Pass! Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for Xbox One gamers that includes access to a wide catalog of games. Got any friends who haven’t yet tried out the game? This would be a great way to get them into the game and onto your squad.




We are currently focusing on optimizing the overall weapons system, from textures to effects. This is to reduce many of the CQC performance issues that some of our players are experiencing, as well as increase overall stability in framerate.


The team is currently targeting December to implement these optimizations. We will be providing more details in a longer dev letter with the changes and fixes as we get closer to the patch day.


Custom Matches


After we introduced Custom Matches, we were seeing many complaints of custom lobbies not starting even after it was full. After we investigated this, we found that the custom lobby hosts would be inactive after certain periods of time, causing lobbies that were created but not able to start. 


Our original time limit for having an open custom lobby was 2 hours before it was automatically deleted, and with the hotfix we reduced this time to 40 minutes. In addition, there will be a 10 minute warning given to the host after 30 minutes letting the host know that the lobby will be closed.


We’re also looking into implementing an auto-start feature for custom lobbies.  


Survival Supply System


When we introduced the Supply System, we received lots of feedback about the mission reset times. In our hotfix patch notes, we announced that we would be changing the reset times. Unfortunately this had to be removed due to needing a change in code, so we are targeting next Thursday after the login event is finished to update the mission reset times.


Event Mode: Huntsmen and Marksmen


The new event for this weekend is now live! In Huntsmen and Marksmen, three 10-man squads fight on Sanhok, kitted out with shotguns and pistols. See the full rules here and let us know what you think of this week’s event when you jump into Event Mode this weekend!


Thanks for reading this week’s post, and let us know what other topics you’d like to see updates on from the dev team. 


PUBG Xbox Team

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